New Web Interface

We have added our New HTML 5 interface to the CAISNet Communications Server. Click here to be directed to the New Interface - CAISNet Web Services


The CAISNet Communications Server is designed for one of the largest and most dynamic industries worldwide, the Construction Industry.
Until recently, the documents primarily used throughout the design and construction process have been paper-based. As such, most of the supporting files and records have also been of a paper-based nature. With the introduction of modern inexpensive computers, software applications have been developed to move the industry forward. The downfall of most of these applications is that they are expensive and designed to work within a single organization. They do not allow seamless communications between external team members.

As the computer and communications industries are going through immense growth and advancement in technology, a new type of service is coming to the forefront. This new model has been referred to as the Application Service Provider or ASP. This new model allows for the deployment of basic and sophisticated applications for the Construction Industry. With this model, users do not purchase expensive servers or software, but access the CAISNet Communications Central Server via the Internet on a yearly subscription basis.

Under this ASP model, the owners and team members are relieved of the significant capital cost of purchasing infrastructure for their organization and development/construction team. In other words each team does not have to re-invent the wheel for their project. This allows them to instead purchase subscription access to a central infrastructure, making no compromises in performance, security or reliability. This is where CAISNet in conjunction with internet access is the cornerstone to effective, secure and reliable communications for all participants of your project team.

CAISNet also provides a number of other services

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