CAISNet Feature Set

The CAISNet Communications Server is designed for one of the largest and most dynamic industries worldwide, the Construction Industry.

The Construction Industry, which has been traditionally paper based, has been slow to adopt the changes and advances of the new electronic age. There are two principle reasons for this. One is the requirement for security of documentation and other correspondence, and the second is the need for an audit trail that records the exact flow of all of the documents and correspondence. The paper-based system does not lend itself to an efficient and cost-effective solution to these problems. Due to these two critical concerns, a comprehensive new information system providing a high degree of security, accountability and reliability is a necessity.

Until recently, the documents primarily used throughout the design and construction process have been paper-based. As such, most of the supporting files and records have also been of a paper-based nature. With the introduction of modern inexpensive computers, software applications have been developed to move the industry forward. The downfall of most of these applications is that they are expensive and designed to work within a single organization. They do not allow seamless communications between external team members.

As the computer and communications industries are going through immense growth and advancement in technology, a new type of service is coming to the forefront. This new model has been referred to as the Application Service Provider or ASP. This new model allows for the deployment of basic and sophisticated applications for the Construction Industry. With this model, users do not purchase expensive servers or software, but access the CAISNet Communications Central Server via the Internet on a yearly subscription basis.

Under this ASP model, the owners and team members are relieved of the significant capital cost of purchasing infrastructure for their organization and development/construction team. Another words each team does not have to re-invent the wheel for there project. This allows them to instead purchase subscription access to a central infrastructure, making no compromises in performance, security or reliability.

Use of the CAISNet Communications Server can solve not one but two major communications problems faced by all companies in this sector.

  1. Internal communications: The CAISNet Communications Server can be used as the internal communications system for the Subscriber. CAISNet, combined with a high speed Internet connection, allows the corporation the same capabilities they would enjoy at a fraction of the cost, as if they deployed and purchased their own internal Communications Server. By utilizing the CAISNet Communications Server, however, users receive all the extra benefits of remote access to the server without compromising access to their internal systems. This model makes even more sense to organizations that have multiple offices. This is because when connected to the Server, you are virtually linked to all other users on the system in real time. This allows multiple branches to communicate in real time without the cost of a dedicated infrastructure for the corporation.
  2. Secure and reliable communications between team members: Even if a corporation opts to develop its own internal system, they still require the capability to have secure, accountable and reliable communications between themselves and the other team members on the project. The CAISNet Communications Server provides the ultimate solution for this problem.

Utilizing CAISNet allows the end user to communicate in a secure environment using the multi-lingual cross platform CAISNet Client Software or through an SSL secured connection through a Web Browser. This provides the end user the choice of using the more efficient CAISNet Client Software and/or the ability to use a web browser as the client software. CAISNet offers a number of additional advantages to its users, including:

  • Cost effective communication and information system
  • Easy to learn Graphical user interface makes it easy for the user to navigate the system. Consistent graphical user interface between Windows®, Macintosh® and shortly Linux platforms. CAISNet Client provides ease of use by maintaining an identical interface between the Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • Email-to-Fax services, Fax to Email and Voice Services (Unified Messaging)
  • Encrypted login as well as encrypted data-path (CAISNet Client Software - MD5 encryption) SSL encryption for Web Browser. Information on CAISNET Communications Server is Data Encrypted automatically between client and server
  • Extensive web browser support that replicates to the web similar views in the CAISNet Client Software
  • Consistent command line interface between all platforms
  • Full drag and drop capability with your Windows or Macintosh and shortly Linux, MacOSX and Solaris desktop.
  • Server-side message storage – the user has the ability to read information and nothing touches the user’s hard drive unless specifically asked for.
  • Client has upload and download memory so if the connection is broken the upload/download resumes where it left off.
  • Can have multiple uploads and downloads transferring simultaneously.
  • Multi-window, multi-tasking
  • Can upload single/multiple files or folders. The structure of the file folder contents is retained after uploading.
  • Email sizes are not restricted. Fair use policy in effect.
  • The ability to make stationery documents (Pre-filled forms).
  • Can send and receive mail to others on the CAISNet Communications Server as well as anyone with an Internet Email account.
  • Multi-level receipt generation as well as history function and audit trail.
  • Immediate delivery, sent information arrives instantly after transfer finishes, regardless of the recipient’s location when sending information to others on the CAISNet Communications Server.
  • CAISNet Client is customizable with many capabilities in one application including many LAN based mail features.
  • Secure online meetings – the client provides online meeting capability with full security.
  • Address Directory – Instantly locate users and conferences on the CAISNet Communications server without the need for their complete address or name.
  • Web integration – all documents created in the client are automatically rendered to the web.
  • The ability to unsend a document after it has been sent out.
  • The ability for every user to advertise him/her self to others on the system utilizing an online resume.
  • Blind carbon copy capability.
  • Full MIME capabilities allowing for graphics, colors and other file types to be incorporated into mail messages.
  • Built-in spell checker.
  • Preview mode allows you to read messages and faxes before they touch your computer. You can also listen to Voice Messages
  • The ability to have auto-reply and auto-forward of messages.
  • Palm pilot support.
  • “Network Notifier” that allows the user to be notified of new messages in various ways.
  • Integrated word processing for messages and documents.
  • Integrated calendaring system for personal, group and resource calendars
  • Pre-built construction related forms.
  • Ability to have user paged or notified on their cell phone of new messages
  • Database query through CAISNet Thin Client
  • Web interface utilizing extensive Java scripting to allow a web browser to replicate as many client features as possible
  • Cost effective communication system which can also be used as an audited Tendering Document Distribution System.
  • Displays various types of information – graphics (drawings), text (specifications), sounds, and video
  • Online help
  • Printing – users can print any window or available document
  • Customization – users can configure their own layouts to personal preferences; mail can be sorted by importance and date; and auto-reply feature
  • Unlimited security levels
  • The ability to work offline and replicate with the Server
  • Extensive built-in search engine
  • Ability to create signature files
  • Hotlinking to messages as well as web URL's. Built -in URL detection and web browser launch
  • Customizeable toolbars
  • Context menu support right mouse click (Windows) click and hold (Macintosh)
  • Quicktime client viewer plugin
  • Attachable audio files in messages and documents
  • Built-in audio recording
  • Web browser multi-file operation support
  • Web browser address completion
  • FTP support